Smart Home Automation

What is a Smart Home? Imagine being able to easily control every aspect of your house at the touch of a button. Home automation technology can allow you to have one aspect or all aspects of your home fully automated. Think of one control for all of your home theater, automated lighting, climate control in every room, and an alarm system you never have to worry about. Auto Audio can help you make your home a Smart Home today.

When creating a Smart Home, there are many subsystems to consider. Everything including audio, video, heating, air-conditioning, alarms, surveillance, motorized shades, lighting, sprinklers, even pool and spa control, can go into making a fully automated and customized Smart Home. The key to truly successful Smart Home Automation is employing one reliable system that integrates all the elements of your home in an easy-to-navigate interface.

Auto Audio features Crestron Electronics and Control4, leaders in home automation, to control all of your subsystems. From lighting in the garden to surround sound in your home theater, there is a solution that allows you to completely customize and control every part of your home exactly how you want to. In addition to handheld, desktop, and in-wall touch screens, you can even control your Smart Home from your Apple iPod, iPad, or Android device, whether at home or remotely. Auto Audio can help you navigate all these choices and get your Smart Home fully automated and customized for your life. Visit our blog to see our top 5 tips when thinking about home automation, and then call us to arrange an in-home consultation and receive an estimate on your new Smart Home today!

Gain Complete Control of Your Home.


Your home may contain a number of different home electronics systems. From your home theater to your security system, your audio system to your lighting, the way your home feels at any given moment is influenced by a number of factors, each with their own need for control systems. It can be time consuming and confusing to try to arrange each to meet your desires when you’ve got so many different systems to control. With our collection of control systems, devices, and home automation and integration, we can give you complete power over every aspect of your home environment.

Home Automation.

Auto Audio recommends Crestron and Control 4 home automation systems. These brands are the most well-known and widely trusted creators of home automation technology, meaning that your home integration system from Stereo East is reliable and easy to use.

Imagine sitting down to enjoy a movie and being able to press a single button that will dim your lights, bring up the sound, close the shades, and turn on your HD television to your favorite movie or TV show. Maybe you’re planning a party, so you turn on the music in your kitchen, living room and outside by the pool to set the mood with the right level of lighting. With home automation from Auto Audio, your home will always fit your needs, whatever situations arise.

With our lifestyle control and home automation options, you can use a customized keypad, color touch panel, smartphone, tablet or remote to control your security systems, home audio system, air conditioning system, home theater, lighting, automated curtains and shades, pool filtration system and lighting, and many of your other home electronic systems. Home automation has made the house of the future your home of today.

Security and Surveillance.

Lifestyle-20Sure, your technology helps keep you entertained, provides you with a wealth of information at a moment’s notice, and improves your productivity. But it can also help keep you and your precious loved ones safe. Auto Audio can give you automated control of your home surveillance system and while we don’t sell or install security systems, we do have relationships with several local and national providers. Before you make a decision on which security provider you will use, we encourage you to talk with one of our Auto Audio design consultants to insure compatibility between your home security system and whatever control platform and camera system you choose.

Whole House Audio Automation.

With whole house audio from Auto Audio, you can have beautiful sound in every room of the house, and you can use your home automation system to maximize the results for every occasion. Throw the coolest parties with whole house audio and home automation – move the sound as your party moves, set the volume as you go through the evening. We also give you smartphone and tablet control, so you don't have to remember your remote. Save yourself the hassle of hosting with automated whole house audio from Auto Audio.

Lighting Control.

Lighting control systems have revolutionized the way you manage your home environment and offer complete style, security, and energy savings. With today’s technology in home automation and lighting control, tasks that used to be mundane and inefficient are now automated and convenient. Auto Audio can help you create lighting scenes based on occupancy and time of day. These scenes can even be task driven by activity. We can also provide complete shading control to customize the look and feel of every room in your house. Enhance the beauty of your home with lighting lifestyle control from the experienced home technology experts at Auto Audio.

Lifestyle-30Keypads can be used to provide an elegant look by simplifying the controls that usually require various buttons and nobs and distilling them down to a single control. Each button can be set to execute a series of commands optimizing the room for whatever activity you wish to enjoy. We can blend the look of your home lighting automation into your personalized style, making the automation invisible to guests for uninterrupted beauty.

Do you want the best for your home? Are you dreaming of an outdoor audio or theater system that can be easily controlled with your fingertips? Do you want your lighting system to be easy to use and simple to optimize? Do you want to make the most of every aspect of your home technology, whole house audio and video, and more? Visit Auto Audio in Little Rock, Arkansas, where we serve you with complete home automation and lifestyle control for an unparalleled home experience.