It Goes Everywhere


The SmartLogic® Android system features a 7” tablet that bridges the entertainment gap between your home and your vehicle, providing access to the web, customization through Android apps, and delivery of multimedia content.



With its sleek design, the SmartLogic® tablet is small enough to take with you, even when you’re not in the car. Its smooth texture and back design makes it comfortable to hold. It has 5-point capacitive touch with an LED-backlit LCD screen and has a gorgeous 1024x600 display. On the top side of the device there is a power button, DC input, and mic. Along the right there is a 3.5mm headphone input, a volume rocker, and a memory card slot (up to 32GB). The bottom of the tablet has a port for charging it while being docked. While it’s charging, there is a USB cable that drops out where you can connect a flash drive to view content.

Apps & Games


Since the tablet comes with the Android OS (4.2.2 Jellybean) and built-in WiFi, you have access to thousands of apps and games. Watch Netflix or YouTube, play Angry Birds, find directions with Google Maps, check traffic, or stream your favorite music with Pandora.

DVD Player


The SmartLogic® Android system is the 1st REMOVABLE tablet headrest system with DVD-ROM on the market today! With our SmartDVD™ app, you can view your favorite movies right on the tablet. Available without DVD.


(Included accessories depend on the type of kit you get.)


With the SmartLogic® kit, you can get 2 zipper-style earbuds that you can use while on the go. With their stylish zipper design, you don’t need to worry too much about tangled wires.


While in the vehicle, you can use the 2 wireless IR headphones to listen to music and videos. They come designed with cushion padding to ensure a comfortable and secure fit.


Keep your product safe. To protect your SmartLogic® tablet system, we’ve made 2 black leather cases, with cutouts for all the buttons and inputs on the device. You can also have the tablet be angled while viewing on a desktop.

Why SmartLogic®?


SmartLogic® gives you the ability to have a tablet in your vehicle with a sense of style and security. Sure you could take other tablets in the vehicle, but they don’t have the same capabilities that SmartLogic® allows you to have and enjoy.

Rear seat entertainment isn’t just for the rear seat anymore, it GOES ANYWHERE with SmartLogic®.