Home Theater.

Who doesn't dream of their very own home theater? With all of the advances in today's technology, that dream is closer to reality than you might think. With advances in front projection technology, a large format theater can be in your home, at a price never before possible. Whether you have an entire room to dedicate to home theater or, like most of us, a regular living room, a movie-theater experience in the comfort of your own home can be right around the corner.

If you do have a space to dedicate to the home theater experience, Auto Audio can work with you from the ground up and every level in between. Working with you and our design team, we can build your dream theater, complete with controlled lighting, comfortable motorized seating, acoustic paneling, the perfect high resolution screen, THX quality sound, and a fully decorated theme. You can experience your favorite films in your home theater the way they were meant to be seen, even better than the local cinema.

Don't have a dedicated theater room? You're not alone, but that doesn't mean you can't enjoy your favorite films in style. Living room theater installations are becoming increasingly popular. At the touch of a button, a screen and projector can drop from the ceiling while your lights dim and shades close. Media rooms like these allow for a large format viewing experience in the primary living area of your house without dominating or interfering with your carefully designed decor. Even adding those theater-like touches, wall-mounting your flat panel television, integrating surround sound, and automating lighting can give your existing room that custom home theater feel.

Auto Audio offers 36 years of home theater expertise to optimize your entertainment experience.

home-theaterOne of the first things you’ll notice when you begin the process of designing your home theater system and bringing it to life is that there’s a lot to think about. You want to make sure that you select just the right home theater technology to really enhance your entertainment experience. Why not ask home technology professionals with over 36 years of experience in home theater design for help? Whatever you’re looking for, we’ve got it! Auto Audio has delivered great home theater, automation, lighting, and audio results for the Little Rock area for decades, and you can benefit from their expertise with a simple trip to our home theater showroom!

Home Theater Technology for Every Lifestyle.

home-theater-2We can design a home theater setup for your media room, game room, or family room, tailoring the technology to meet your specific needs, desires, space, and budget. If you plan to dedicate a room exclusively to the enjoyment of your home theater system, we know exactly what to do. We know what products perform best in many different types of conditions, and we can assess the overall space and design the optimal system. If you plan to integrate your home theater system into your family room or other multipurpose room, we’ll help you determine how to arrange the room so that your home theater seamlessly fits into your overall floor plan. Our experts can tell you exactly what you need to fit every budget and still deliver breathtaking results.

Make the Right Choice at Auto Audio.

home-theater-3Choosing the right home theater screen or video display and related equipment is essential to a successful home theater design. When you visit our Little Rock home technology showroom, we’ll walk you through all of your options, helping you determine which equipment will best fit your chosen space, provide the most stunning picture quality, offer the greatest audio results, be the easiest to control and do it all while keeping your budget in mind. Improvements in home audio quality provide you with an amazing surround sound experience to make your entertainment even more exciting and captivating than ever before. When it comes to selecting your home theater video and audio equipment and making sure all the components of your system work together to truly offer the best experience, trust the experienced home theater advisors at Auto Audio.

Integrating Your Home Theater with Lifestyle Control.

home-theater-4Because Auto Audio offers complete home automation, lighting systems, and performance audio, you can go all the way and create a home theater like you’ve never seen before. Customize every aspect of your experience with our selection of control devices and automation systems, giving you the power to change your surroundings for every possible occasion. You live a busy life, and you deserve to enjoy every moment you spend in your own home. Auto Audio makes this easy with total home theater and automation control systems for every lifestyle and budget.