Bluetooth Connectivity

Bluetooth technology transfers information between your car and phone without the need for a wired connection. Connecting the two during a process called "pairing" is remarkably fast, easy and secure. In order to use this technology, you first need a Bluetooth-capable phone. From there, it's time to find a new receiver or device that takes of advantage of all these Bluetooth features

Streaming Audio: A2DP

A2DP is the feature you'll see on a lot of Bluetooth devices that allows you to to stream your favorite music from your phone, even from Pandora or Spotify. And since Bluetooth uses 2-way communication, you can pause, skip and play from your iPod, smart phone, tablet, or whatever Bluetooth device you use.

Hands Free Text Messaging (MAP)

The most recent Bluetooth feature to gain widespread adoption turns your car into a text message assistant. Message Access Profile (MAP) reads your texts to you and in some cases even transcribes your vocal response into typed replies! Stop reaching for your phone every time the notification sounds, and focus on the road.

Telephony (HFP)

Install a tiny microphone, and the Hands-Free Profile (HFP) will turn your car stereo into a killer speakerphone system. Then to make it even better, integrate the Phone Book Access Profile (PBAP), and sync contacts from your phone to your in dash receiver. Most receivers can display the names of callers, browse your contacts, and access recent call history.

Let Us Help!

Our sales staff will assist you in upgrading your current receiver or helping you find a suitable Bluetooth device for your existing radio. There are many professionally installed options available, contact us today for details.

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What Getting Connected Can Do For You

The upgrade process doesn't have to be complicated and is probably more affordable than you think...

Option #1: Replace Your Factory Radio

Switching out the head unit (stereo) in your car is not only the most convenient way to integrate your smartphone or MP3 player, but it is often also the most affordable as well. Getting a head unit that integrates your devices into your car is an easy first step to getting the latest car technology without getting a new car.

Option #2: Radio Adapters & FM Modulators

Radio adapters and FM modulators allow you to keep your factory radio while adding functionality, so you can control your devices through a wired connection without needing to completely replace your stereo. Of course, this means no extra bells or whistles like you'd probably get with a shiny, new head unit.

Many of these solutions are available for aftermarket, as well as factory stereos.